Rückblick 23.09.21: RRC Special – Ben Granfelt


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Ben Granfelt, der wohl bekannteste finnische Ausnahmegitarrist, veröffentlichte September 2020 das 18., von der Kritik hochgelobte Solo Album „True Colours“ auf A1 Records. 2021 geht er endlich wieder zusammen mit Masa Maijanen (Bass) und Jari Salminen (Schlagzeug) auf Promotion Tour.

Ben Granfelt war jahrelang mit namhaften Bands, wie Wishbone Ash, Leningrad Cowboy (für die er die meisten Stücke schrieb), Guitar Slingers Gringos Locos und Los Bastardos Finlandeses auf verschiedenen Bühnen unterwegs.

Ben Granfelt ist ein Meister des bluesigen Melodic Rocks. Er brilliert einerseits durch sein virtuoses Gitarrenspiel, andererseits sowohl gesanglich, als auch durch seine Bühnenpräsenz.

Ben Granfelt LIVE 2021
Finnish guitarist Ben Granfelt released his latest, critically acclaimed album, True Colours, on A1 Records in
September 2020, and as we all know there was no chance to perform live or promote gigs/albums because of Corona.
2021 will see a lot of artists back on the road and Ben, Masa Maijanen (bass) and Jari Salminen (drums) are ready, and
happy as cows in the spring, to get back out as well…

“What a shit year 2020 was! Let’s make the most of 2021 and support the clubs who always supported us by doing what we do best…play our asses off! I can’t wait to present the new stuff to my fans and friends.”

Ben’s history in the music business goes way back to Gringos Locos in the -80s, Guitar Slingers and Leningrad
Cowboys in the -90s, followed by Wishbone Ash and Los Bastardos Finlandeses in the -00s and beyond.

True Colours is Ben’s 18th solo release. He is known as a melodic master of the guitar, with both great vocal and
instrumental songs, as well as being a true entertainer on stage. This year I’m gonna dig into the older, instrumental
albums, as well as play stuff from the latest albums. It should be a musical feast for any one who likes good guitar music.”

Don’t miss an evening of True Musical Colours!

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